OUTTA MY HEAD! Get me out of my bed!

Ever feel like you want to say 'stop the world I want to get off?' Thoughts going round and round in your head, conversations you never had, conversations you never will have, what if's, buts and I should have done that, if only and I wish, the list could go on. Sometimes it might just be a bad day and other times it's the same feelings coming back to have a little chat to remind you you got to make a change or they are going keep visiting you and fucking up your day. So when you feel so shit and what feels like a cloud is weighing down on you, how the hell do you get out of this one? I tried so many things, everyone saying get out and do stuff, go meet people. Ok sheila, I'll just go to that random bar and start talking to the girl at the bar shall I!! ermmmm no!I joined a girls group but they were all so young, no 40 year old is roaming amorously trying to make friends it seams in this massive city, oh and did I forget to mention they speak another language too. I was soooo frustrated, missing my friends, had no purpose and was so alone. I cant tell you how many hours, days, weeks probably months I spent looking online for something, someone any clues how to get me outta this head.

Time to take control! I can't even remember how I came across this little life saver now but I signed up to Audible books. I couldn't concentrate reading a book and it felt like the day was passing me by if I sat there reading. I was in the the park three times a day walking my Chihuahua, not too strenuous you can imagine, and listening to something at the same time was perfect, I like killing two birds with one stone! (not literally). Welcome to the world of doing two things at once.. learning and cooking, cleaning, walking whatever, brilliant! JEN SINCERO broke my cherry! (you can click on her name and buy the book that I'm talking about from amazon) and was the first book I bought with my new Audible membership subscription. I was actually jumping out of bed in the morning to walk the dog, quick pee pee's had now become longer walks because this woman was actually speaking to me, she was talking about me, she had so much to tell me, does she know me?? She was my new friend. Jen.. (like as if I know her) didn't proclaim to be an expert, she just told her story how it was, I resinated with her, I felt the same things she experienced being lost in her 40's not know her direction, her purpose. Her story was inspiring she spoke in a language I liked too, her honesty and occasional swearing made me laugh. She basically gave me a kick up the arse, something clicked, she shared her experience and what she did to get out of the shit, I felt motivated she got me outta my head! everyday and stopped me thinking the same crap that I started my day with,''what the hell am I going to do today?''. What I'm trying to say is that, getting outta your head space and into a positive one is not easy sometimes, but you have got to break the cycle some how, take a small step and invest in yourself, find that something that sparks something in you and who knows what leads on from there. Since listening to Jen I've listened to so many books, found my guru's that motivate me, learned so many things on my own journey and have ended up studying a few new things, exploring new hobbies, expanding my self development knowledge, got myself a coach, got qualified and have come so far that it's led me to find my passions and purpose of a Self- Development Coach and Nero Hypnotic Healer. Like Jen my experiences have lead me to this point of finally seeing goals, something to get out of bed for, seeing positive in the negative, taking action, even if it's little steps at a time, It just took one little thing to start the ball rolling and of cause a massive wanting to help myself and make change, I just needed that fish hook to hook me out of muddy water and into the stream... I still don't know where its all going but I'm thankful I now know what to do to get outta my head and have the tools to change anything I want and I am now passing it on to you!

A 6 page workbook created for you to follow the first steps in your positive Self-development journey #coachmyselfhappy. Or work through the whole Bundle and change your life! Click on hashtag. Here is a little Tony Robbins 6 minute video to get you going! Maybe watch a few more of his they will definitely GET YOU OUTTA YOUR HEAD for a moment. enjoy!

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